Sunday, June 10, 2018

Garden Delights: Cucumbers

Boys are thrilled.  They eat a lot of cucumbers! In fact, pepino/pepisi was one of Big Brother's first funny words   
ready to slice

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Thermomix Asian-Style Rice With Egg and Veggies

sesame seeds sprinkled on top for a few of us-one way we eat sesame without cooking with it

With simple ease, an entire meal is made in the Thermomix.

It's Friday and time for lunch.  What shall I make today with my Thermomix?

With my Thermomix, I am guided through a recipe and everything is made in one place.  I won't have a mess to clean up, everything will be precisely cooked and I can do other things in between steps.

I have a few veggies hanging around still from the Farmers Market: a head of broccoli, 2 carrots and zucchini.  I also have leftover rotisserie chicken.  A favorite way to use up such veggies and chicken is in the Thermomix Asian-style rice with egg and veggies.

I was recently asked: "What can the Thermomix do for me?  Why do I want to spend money on a Thermomix?" I think that this meal is a good example. Beginning to end all in the Thermomix. I am making something which would take much more effort and time without the Thermomix.  Plus, it's hot out in Houston, and I won't have to turn on the stove today since everything will cook in the Thermomix with its built in temperature control. 

Yes, the Thermomix will begin this dish weighing out the onion, bacon and oil and will sautee them.  Will I have to cry chopping the onion? Nope, because the Thermomix chops the onion for me.  The Thermomix will then steam rice, veggies and protein simultaneously.  For this recipe, for example, the rice will gently and precisely steam in the basket while the veggies in the Varoma bowl and eggs on the top Varoma tray will cook up perfectly.  It's so effortless and wonderful!

Not only does the Thermomix weigh, chop, sautee and steam all together with precision, it's a breeze to clean up after you are finished eating.  Hey, it even cleans itself!
This is what's left behind.  I empty out the TM bowl, add water with a little soap and spin clean

Another Thermomix plus is the access to recipes which can then be plugged into a self-selective recipe menu to be loaded onto the Thermomix screen.  Would you believe that the screen walks you through each step of the programed recipe? 

With the Cookidoo platform, you have access to thousands of recipes.  You log-in, browse, select and save to create your own recipe list.  Then, when you want to make something, you turn on your Thermomix and connect your Cookidoo and select the recipe you want to make.  I did just that today.  I have this recipe in my recipe list to then pull up when I want to make it.  And when it's time to start cooking the Thermomix walks me through step-by step.

I should also add that you can generate a weekly menu and shopping lists.

Simplicity, ease, and deliciousness every day!  Any break in the kitchen with special diets and allergies is much appreciated.

Bowl: steamed rice mixed with the sauteed baon, onion and carrot, and steamed veggies
Egg?  What? Little Brother is allergic to egg?  He is.  He can tolerate in baked goods and it's safe for him to have the egg cook on top in such a way.  He doesn't eat the actual egg. 
Allergic mom doesn't usually eat egg.  I tossed in some sauteed collard greens and kimchi-one of the few ways garlic/ginger found in house
Big Brother cut the egg into squares for himself and Papi
following day's lunch: steamed some more veg in Varoma for 10 min. Then added to bowl shreddded leftover chicken along with the rice/bacon/veg mixture.
such an easy way to revive leftovers.  Just love my Thermomix and Varoma.  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Teatime Today: Green Juice

It's gloriously simple to prepare juice in the Thermomix.  Today I needed some green juice. So in went into the Thermomix bowl: kale, dandelion greens, red apple, cucumber, celery and lemon juice along with a handful of ice cubes.  I blended on speed 9 for 15 seconds. Then I added room temperature water, the same quantity that I wanted to drink.  I blended the juice on speed 9 for 1-2 minutes.  And with very little effort, I strained the juice using the Thermomix basket into this glass.  Cheers! This all took 4 minutes.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Arrival of my TM5 and becoming an independent Thermomix consultant

Here it is! Our TM5! I have two workhorses side-by-side and an eager little guy:))))))
First thing made: vegetable stock paste.  All set up to make Risotto using Cook-Key

I have been a passionate Thermomix user for a decade now.  Over ten years ago, in my mother-in-law's kitchen in Chile, I met Thermomix for my first time.  In her kitchen I was introduced to this new way of approaching cooking and eating.  I genuinely couldn't grasp the menu choices and ice cream flavors she was offering to prepare.  

Finally, Thermomix is here in the US, and recently, here in Texas.  I am all smiles thinking about others discovering Thermomix.   As an independent Thermomix consultant, I will be doing cooking experiences and showing others what Thermomix is all about.  How about you bring your friends and family to your kitchen where Thermomix will delight all?  The awesome world of Thermomix awaits you.  

Imagine all the ways Thermomix will improve your life! If you look at my posts, you will see how integral Thermomix is in my life.  Can I share this joy in your home?

                     Here are some reasons the Thermomix will improve your life:
                             Cut out preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar, allergens......
   Make condiments, dressings, meals, snacks, deserts at home instead of buying
               Positively influence the gut health of your children with a beautiful diet

                                       Guided, step-by-step cooking 

                                      Use your unlimited imagination 

                                                   MONEY SAVING
                          Cook more, save more and use one appliance
                         Make restaurant-quality food in your own kitchen

                      Save time, the Thermomix cooks so you don't have to  
                           Concept is to make meals faster and healthier

                                  What does the Thermomix actually do?

                                    steams, blends, whisks, emulsifies, 
                                          cooks, kneads, grinds, 
                                        weighs, mixes, chops and stirs

                                     Yes, it does all of this with precision!!!  

                    I can tell you that everything improves with this kitchen machine.
Tía's new TM5 in Spain

Eating Out: Steel City Pops

dairy-free chocolate pop
dairy-free avocado
lots of fruit flavors
Aagreat spot to meet friends on a hot Houston afternoon

Seeing What Grows