Hi, my name is Denise, and welcome to my blog.  Here, I share what is going on in my allergic family's kitchen.   

I have been allergic to tree nuts and bananas for as long as I can remember.  Now, I am also an allergy mom. I recently discovered that I can eat almonds and macadamia nuts. My oldest, Big Brother, is allergic to sesame and has outgrown his egg allergy.  My youngest, Little Brother, is allergic to dairy, wheat, egg (in certain forms), garlic, ginger, mustard and peanutsHe now tolerates foods avoided in the past because of hives and redness around the mouth: melon, cucumber, avocado and banana.  We haven't tried seafood yet. 

While avoiding our long-list of allergens, I strive to create a home where food is nourishing and delicious. You can find me in the kitchen hugging my children-with thoroughly washed hands, of course!- and my Thermomix.  

As an independent Thermomix consultant, I can help you bring Thermomix into your kitchen.

We are an international family living in Houston, Texas.  We have family ties to Canada, Spain and Chile.  

Hablamos español en casa, pero el blog lo escribo en inglés. Envíame un email si quieres alguna receta traducida :)

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