Essential Packing Items for Allergic Toddler

I would like to share a list of essential kitchen products we pack for both domestic and intentional travel.  Preparing food and eating outside of your home is easier with the following products.  In addition to these products, make sure to carry your Chef Allergy Card.  I will certainly have more items to add after our next international trip.  

1. Tinydiner Placemat

I really like how the mat is compact, sticks to table and is easy to clean.  It is not a bad idea to have more than one. 

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2. SoYoung lunch boxes and cooler bags.

Functional and Stylish and designed in Toronto.  I wouldn't think of another way to carry around lunch and snacks.  I love how the strap can be made to fit like a backpack.  The built in pocket is a great place to store allergy information and emergency plan.  We have both the lunch box and cooler bag.  They go everywhere with us these days, car trips, flights and every day use around town.  Check out their beautiful diaper bags too-great cooler section for storing food.  

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3.  Coghlan's Flexible Cutting Mat

This flexible cutting mat takes up virtually no space in your suitcase.  You will always have an allergen-free surface to prepare meals.

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4. Baking Paper In Sheets

These individual baking sheets are easy to take with you wherever you go.

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5. Bowls, Cups, Storage Jars, Ice Pop Molds, and More!

My toddler enjoys using all of Kingerville's products.  I like everything about them.  They stack perfectly are light-weight and are easy to pack.  I recommend them to all families with small children for daily use. 

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6.  Small Ikea pots and pans

I like to travel with this saucepan and lid.  I always know I have a safe pot to cook up grains and steam veggies. 

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7. Assortment of food storage bags, including freezer bags, and storage containers.

I like to store prepared food in allergy-safe containers and bags

7.  Thermomix

A complete mini-kitchen that does so much.  Bring it with you, all you need is an electrical outlet.

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