Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ricardo's Allergy-Friendly Asian Menu

I was so happy when I saw this food show dedicated to allergy-friendly cooking. Ricardo puts together a delicious asian-inspired menu for a family whose boy is allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts.  The bubble tea and beautiful chocolate cake make the gathering even more special.  You can view the menu and look for when the episode airs:

*Please make sure to check that all ingredients, especially the sauces are free of your particular allergens!  Hoisen sauce has sesame, so we would work around it.  Also, I like to contact each brand for possible cross-contamination information.  I particularly suggest reviewing the allergen warning on soy sauce, ketchup ("spices" and "natural flavorings) and coco powder.  

**The episode visually shows how to replace eggs with flax seeds.  

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