Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thermomix Cranberry Sauce for Turkey Dinners and for Gifting

I like to make turkey dinners. For me, cranberry sauce is a must.  Some people feel the same about mashed potatoes, something I could take or leave but always seem to make since the Thermomix makes it too easy not to.  Today, I decided to share some cranberry sauce with friends. Check out how easy it is to make and gift with the Thermomix.  

What you need:
350 g granulated sugar
thinly peeled skin of 1 large organic orange
450 g fresh or frozen cranberries
220 g water
juice from the orange plus more orange juice to make 150 g total
50 g port (=½TM Measuring Cup) – optional

What to do:
1. Weigh sugar into TM bowl and add the strips of orange peel. Grind 30 seconds/Speed 10. Set aside.
2. Weigh cranberries and water into the Thermomix bowl. Cook 8 minutes/100°C/Speed Spoon/Reverse Blade Direction. If using frozen berries, cook 4 minutes longer. .
3. Weigh in the reserved ground sugar and zest, add the orange juice and stir with the TM spatula to mix the sugar into the cranberries. Cook 8 minutes/100°C/Speed Spoon/Reverse Blade Direction. .
4. Cook again 4 minutes/Varoma Temperature/Speed 1½/Reverse Blade Direction. If using port, add it after the cooking and stir in gently with the spatula. Pour into sterilised glass jars and put sterilised lids on jars. Tighten. Place jar upside down for 1 minute to sterilize the air in the jars with the hot preserve. Turn right side up, leave to cool completely before labelling with name and date.

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