Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dark Chocolate Coconut Baskets

For Passover this year, Big Brother and I thought it would be fun to make chocolate baskets to hold Baby Moses.  I found this recipe for Easter nests and easily adapted them to be dairy free and to go on our Passover table.  Instead of milk chocolate, I used 88% cocoa dark chocolate.  There is very little sweetness, but we are used to this and actually prefer it.  I ran out of time and didn't make the macaroons, but I did have a store-bought container of chocolate ones.  It is so rare for me these days to buy store-bought treats. We placed one of the macaroons symbolically in each of the baskets.  One trick when making the baskets:  after placing into cupcake hole, I let set in the fridge until almost hardened.  It was easy this way to use my Thermomix silicone spatula to force an indentation.  

Next year, I plan to make these meringues or these macaroons. 

Later on in the week, we went out for lunch.  Oh how hard it is to eat out with my restricted diet!  And I really prefer to eat my own food anyway.  Although, it is fun to go out sometimes.  
I hardly ever order dessert with a tree-nut allergy.  I need to feel totally comfortable and safe, as I have had many mishaps in my life.  Although I was ensured that the Passover chocolate macaroon was tree nut free, it was actually studded with itsy-bitsy pieces of pecans.  I took it home and cut it in half before taking a bite.  I wasn't sure what those little nubs were, but I suspected an allergen.  I was told they were tree nut free twice by my waiter who double checked with the baker.  Also, the manager insisted that they were tree nut free when I called, and that the little pieces I thought could have been nuts were just toasted coconut. I told him that I know what coconut looks like and I know what nuts look like.  He later called me back confirming pecans; an allergic reaction averted thanks to my suspicion!  Strangely, I found a pecan in my salad a few days earlier when I went out to lunch.
What do you think? Have you had similar experiences? How careful are you?

look at all those chopped up pecans! 

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