Friday, September 12, 2014

Bento Box

Big Brother planned his lunch menu for his first day of Kindergarten:
leftover grass-fed sirloin, sliced cucumbers with lemon juice,grapes
a slice of homemade rosemary foccacia
(made from oats, rice, chickpeas and potato flour)
 and lots of melon

Big Brother enjoys participating in packing his lunch.  It is fun to fill up the compartments together.  Here is a glimpse of what his bento box lunch has been looking like.  We purchased our lunch gear from Mighty Nest.  15% of the purchase goes to my son's school.  Check out here how to get great lunch gear and how to support your school at the same time.  

Stir-fry is another favorite. Leftovers make great lunch for all of us

Close up: upper right-hand corner is Big Brother's favorite coconut
t-rex treat who hangs out with a date representing a giant rock. I will
be posting how to make these dinos.

Big Brother loves leftover ground turkey meat from Thursday night
turkey tacos.  We ran out of spinach tortillas though for lunch the
following day.  He still likes it with leftover rice. 
Another favorite to assemble: farinata cut in triangles with sliced
avocado and a whole baby cucumber

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