Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kinder Cafeteria Lunch Visit

Big Brother was so happy to have lunch with Baby Brother and me today in the cafeteria.  He planned our lunch, making sure that we could all eat safely together. Here was our menu: brown rice and quinoa spaghetti (Trader Joe's-our favorite safe pasta), meat sauce, dilly and lemony cucumber slice salad and juicy pears (Trader Joe's in glass jar). I often make bolognese sauce in my Thermomix, it is so quick and easy.  It's also easy to throw in extra veg and to stretch into several meals. This bolognese had lots of spinach that needed to be used up. I warmed up the spaghetti and meat sauce right before going so that it would be warm and yummy.  The best part was packing up everything and delivering it in a picnic basket; It made a nice visit even more special. 

On an allergic mom note: oh boy, is the cafeteria a scary place for Baby Brother. Allergens everywhere! We were tucked away at our own table where we were comfortably safe from it all. 

Baby Brother has his own green food containers
no sharing ensures no cross-contamination

Big Brother's lunch container

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