Saturday, November 5, 2016

Teatime Today

We had some extra chocolate sauce leftover from Halloween "candy" apples.  We used it to spread on these Soul Sprout almond crackers during teatime (we call it tomar once in the Chilean tradition).  The sauce hardens up in the fridge and becomes a nice spread.  

I have been allergic to tree nuts for as long as I can remember. Almonds and macadamia nuts are the only ones I tolerated as a child until I started reacting at a young age to other tree nuts. At some point I stopped eating all tree nuts.  This summer, in hopes to add them to my diet, I went to my allergist for testing.  I tested for: almonds, macadamia, walnut and banana.  My back got rather itchy quickly after the skin pricks: It was the walnut and banana that reacted.  No reaction for almond and macadamia.  Little Brother followed with the same test and did not react to almonds, macadamia or walnuts.  We have since included almonds and macadamia nuts in our diets.  I will try giving him walnuts when I muster up the courage to do so.  

Here is the response to my allergen cross contamination concern from Two Moms Soul Sprout crackers: "We do not use peanuts, but we do use a variety of tree nuts.  All tree nuts, including almonds, are stored in the same area, although separate.  We sanitize our molds and dehydrators,so recipes that do not include tree nuts, other than almonds, should not be contaminated with other tree nuts, but the fact is that we use a variety of tree nuts in our facility and I cannot state that there is zero risk of cross contamination when it comes to tree nuts."

We went ahead with their granola bars and crackers because tree nuts are on our ok list to a certain extent.  What would you do?

Almond crackers! This is totally new for us.
Reaction: mustard, garlic, positive control. No reaction: almond, macadamia, walnut, barley

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