Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spinach Parathas

I make whole wheat flour tortillas all the time and often use them for mid-week quesadillas.  My toddler prefers tortillas fresh and warm off the cast-iron skillet with a little butter or olive oil. Sometimes he will eat them spread with mashed avocado, but only upside down so he can't see it. I thought, what if I add some spinach to the mix? What are the chances he'd eat something with visible green specks throughout?  

I check Tastespotting every few days for good ideas and new twists on favorites, I found this recipe for spinach parathas. Parathas are new to me, and I made this recipe without knowing anything about them.  Instead of sour cream/yogurt and buttermilk with whole wheat flour as I usually use in my tortillas, this recipe calls for sauteed spinach with some aromatics with the simple addition of water to form dough.  I do not have a tawa so I just used my cast-iron skillet.  I was personally satisfied with the way the dough turned out since it was easy to work with.  Please keep in mind that my version is a dairy-less version of my regular tortillas with the addition of spinach. Also, I am just now realizing that the spinach mixture should be folded inside, I guess you learn as you go.  I liked the addition of spinach for the added nutrition and flavor.  I now need to experiment more to figure out how to get these more pliable for folding and rolling.  I wonder if I should change up the type of flour I used.  

You can find the original recipe and instructions at: http://nisahomey.blogspot.com/2011/02/spinachpalak-parathas.html

I changed up the spices: instead of jeera and chili for this batch, I opted for garlic powder, salt and pepper.  

 they cook up quickly in cast-iron skillet

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