Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog Toronto's Best Nut-Free Bakeries in Toronto

Where were these nut-free bakeries when I was a child?  While pregnant, I used to make special trips up to Richman's bakery for an overflowing box of nut-free cookies.  Zero anxiety and super delicious!  I like to check in with bakeries that specialize in nut-free baking to see if they make bread and treats free of other allergens as well.

For the list go to,

I just got off the phone with one of Organic Oven's bakers, most of their baking is done at their Brampton location, and she confirmed that they are nut-free, egg-free and sesame-free.  They do make some almond cookies but they have a dedicated space to avoid cross-contamination.  Hip hip, horray!  I was reading the labels on some of their bread products at Noah's just yesterday.  Now I have direct confirmation that their baked goods are safe for my son's playschool.

Make sure to look at Half Baked Ideas Bakery.  You can get the same Callebaut Chocolates-from a nut-free facility-that the bakery uses for your own baking!

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