Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Hearty Vegan Waffles

I really like the thought of warm, homemade waffles on Sunday mornings.  I have been dreaming about ladling egg-free batter on hot waffle plates and being rewarded with fluffy, gridded circles topped with berries and maple syrup.  But in order to actually make waffles, I needed a waffle maker.  I have spent a few months looking on favorite food websites for vegan recipes.  I compared ingredient lists and skipped recipes that included flax as an egg replacer and mushy bananas.  I had saved to my files several interesting recipes but had no waffle iron to actually try them out.  My reality changed this weekend when I opened my very early Birthday present from my parents--thank you, mom and dad.  While it's not the Belgian cast-iron model I have imagined owning and loving, like my Thermomix and electric skillet, it is the non-stick version that made most sense.  It's the All-Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker.   Maybe one day, I'll be able to get a used cast-iron one, like the one serving up piping hot waffles at Toronto's Brick Work market on Saturday mornings.  But then, I'll just worry about egg residue and possible cross-contamination.   

What you need for 2 full sized waffles and one "bebé":
1/4 cup whole wheat flour (I used Bob's Red Mill for all three flours in this recipe)
1/4 cup buckwheat flour
1/2 cup oat flour (I ground rolled oats until I got a texture more like quick oats)
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
a little ground ginger
1-2 teaspoons blackstrap molasses (my favorite found at:
2 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce
1 cup milk (today I used Hewitt's organic goat's milk, can make vegan with alternative milk)

What to do:

Gently mix ingredients until just mixed.

Let batter sit for about 10 minutes, then stir gently again. 

While batter is sitting, turn on waffle iron. The waffle maker takes a few minutes to heat up.

Cook in oiled waffle maker until done.  I had dial turned to 5 1/2.

Top anyway you like.

*I recommend doubling the recipe for more yield.  Freeze any extras for toddler snacks.
** Bob's Red Mill does process nuts and seeds.  Please contact them for specifics concerning cross-contamination.  Cookbook, BabyCakes covers the classics has a great blurb about why they choose their products.
                                                               mommy, no syrup!


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  1. I can't wait until the weekend to give these babies a test run.

    Meanwhile, check out Sandra Beasley's witty take on raising an allergic child in her latest novel, Don't Kill the Birthday Girl. It's sure to be a hit not just with parents, but all our fellow "allergy girls" and "bubble boys."

    Check it out at the bookstore or visit for previews.