Thursday, July 5, 2012

Strawberry Icebox Cake

Fast-Forward to whipped cream with
stiff peaks!
Icebox cakes are perfect for this time of year. I'm sure I'll feel that way about no-bake cakes for most of the year here in hot Houston.  All you have to do is make an assembly line and build your cake.  Just don't over whip the cream like I did this time and create butter-like whipped cream!  That's what happens when you multitask and walk away from your cream. I blamed it on the cream being different in Houston than in Toronto and that the freshness of the cream affects the whipping time.  The only truth is that I do prefer the fresh cream in glass bottles with less shelf life and will miss making butter with it.  I made this cake for Father's Day when organic strawberries were on sale.  I think that I will make a version of this cake next year for either Canada Day or the Fourth of July and use berries to resemble the flag.  I also like the idea of making these icebox cakes for cookouts.  The graham crackers soak up the moisture and takes on a spongy cake-like consistency.  Best part is that no eggs needed here!!!! Feel free to drizzle yours with chocolate sauce.  I'll make it next time right before serving using the ganache recipe in the Thermomix Everday Cooking For Every Family.  The original recipe is from The Kitchn:

What you need:
2 pounds of fresh strawberries: washed, hulled and sliced.  (keep a few intact for decoration)
3 1/4 cups whipping cream, divided
1/3 cup confectioner sugar (made in an instant with Thermomix with Wholesome Sweeterners regular sugar)
4 sleeves of graham crackers (I use Whole Foods 365 brand.  Allergy warning states: "produced in a  facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs and soy".  My toddler's allergist gave the go-ahead for such warning for my toddler at this moment in time)
1 teaspoon of vanilla

What to do:

Take out a few of the best-looking strawberries and set them aside for the garnish. Hull the remainder of the strawberries and slice each berry into thin slices.
With a hand mixer, Thermomix or in the bowl of a stand mixer, whip 3 cups of cream until it just holds stiff peaks. Add the confectioners sugar, vanilla, and rosewater(if using) and whip to combine.
Spread a small spoonful of whipped cream on the bottom of a 9x13 inch baking pan, or a similarly-sized platter. Lay down six graham crackers. Lightly cover the top of the graham crackers with more whipped cream, and then a single layer of strawberries. Repeat three times, until you have four layers of graham crackers. Spread the last of the whipped cream over the top and swirl it lightly with a spoon. Add a few more strawberries.
To make the ganache, heat the cream until bubbles form around the edges, then pour over the chopped chocolate. Let it stand for a few minutes, then whisk until the mixture is thick and glossy. Drizzle this over the layered dessert with a spoon, or transfer to a squeeze bottle and use that to drizzle.  Or use your Thermomix and just add ingredients and press buttons!
Refrigerate for at least four hours, or until the crackers have softened completely. Garnish with additional berries.

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