Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Homemade Hemp Milk

This takes 5 minutes :)

Hemp milk is super nutritious and surprisingly easy to make at home.  Who knew that I would be whipping up coconut milk and hemp milk several times a week!  It's amazing the changes we have gone through with our diet because of food allergies. 

Back in Toronto, when Big Brother was two-years-old we would bundle up to go take a mile-long walk to Kensington Market in freezing-cold weather. That's where we would pick up local goat milk and cow milk in glass bottles along with delicious cheeses.  A favorite activity when we got home to our warm apartment was turning the milk into butter and the butter into a treat.  We still keep dairy in the house in the form of Mill King milk and cheese for school lunch sandwiches, but we no longer cook with dairy.  Too much risk of cross-contamination.  Still, even just to eat a piece of cheese or take a sip of milk, there are a lot of safety rules in place in order for it to be allowed in the house. 

Baby Brother simply cannot be in direct contact with dairy.

 He turns two this month and he still prefers to be nursed (which also means that I continue 100% to avoid dairy in my diet); it's quite a difficult task to get him to drink milk from a cup.  So far we have been trying non-dairy non-soy and non-nut: coconut, hemp and brown rice.  I like hemp milk the most for him, as it is packed with vitamins and minerals.  I have not been thrilled about his disinterest in drinking any of these homemade milks in cute sippy cups or his favorite stainless steel mugs. There is no quitting or giving up, but I can't drive myself crazy either.   This week I've been mixing into the hemp milk some blackstrap molasses.  This boy will down a tablespoon of pure blackstrap molasses, but isn't so excited about drinking molasses flavored milk?.  Hmmmmmm, any suggestions?  Toddlers keeping their parents on their toes!

Have you ever tried hemp milk or seeds?  I enjoy hemp seeds, but the first few times I ate them I wasn't so sure.  I found them to taste a bit grassy for my liking.  With a limited diet, I find myself giving new foods a big chance.  My favorite way to eat them is in pumpkin, date and cacao smoothies, our family-favorite date and hemp bliss balls and sprinkled on top of baked carrot oatmeal.  I'll be posting these recipes soon.  
with a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses mixed in
Go ahead now, drink!

What you need:

one cup of hemp seeds
one cup of pure water
one generous tablespoon maple syrup (hemp and maple make it extra Canadian)
one generous tablespoon of coconut oil
pinch of real salt

What to do:

Combine hemp seeds and pure water in TM Bowl
Blend 2 minutes, speed 9
Strain with nut bag, but it's not really necessary since there isn't really any pulp
Add in coconut oil, maple syrup and salt. Add vanilla and other flavorings as preferred.

For more ideas, click here 

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