Friday, December 5, 2014

Our Thanksgiving Meal

carving our local, heritage turkey from Tejas Heritage Farm:
olive oil, rosemary, satsuma and real salt
"Abundance", "feast"and "enough" are words that have been swirling around in my head lately. They are particularly loaded with meaning for me during Thanksgiving.  Is it still abundance when there are so many restrictions?  Do our allergic restrictions make me feel like I don't have enough comfort food and in turn not enough joy?

This year, there was enough food at our table.  It was a feast: A turkey, and a mighty fine one in fact.  There were salads and cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes and even pumpkin-lucuma ice cream.  The food was local, simple and homemade. We had a bowl of squishy persimmons and freshly picked satsumas. We even had a pot of turkey stock going the following day to help nourish us during the flu.  

I told a dear friend that I would refocus and live in the present: this meal would be delicious despite all of the ingredients left out.  

Perhaps I should start to feel proud instead of sad and nostalgic.  We eat pretty well despite so many food allergies.  

In order of appearance: 1) homemade cranberry sauce 2) Baby Brother eating
along with the rest of the family 3) Big Brother eating on his second helping,
4)turkey soup with veggies and rice pasta 5) allergy friendly waffles with 
chicken sausage and homemade cranberry sauce 6) bowl of persimmons
and assortment of oranges 7) Boys making me turkey soup

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