Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chocolate Coconut Squares

These chocolate coconut squares are super simple to make.  They require just a few simple pantry ingredients and five minutes in the kitchen. I have daily chocolate cravings, do you? These squares could be your answer to those cravings. What cocoa/cacao powder would you use? Is there one safe enough? I like Nutiva's raw cacao, for myself despite the fact that they process tree nuts (cashews); however, I would not use for Baby Brother. Would Trader Joe's cocoa powder be a good option? The lines for TJ's cocoa powder are cleaned and sanitized between runs.  And then there is Vermont Nut Free Chocolates cocoa powder.  I will be  inquiring further about cross-contamination with our other allergies. Is there an ideal, allergy-friendly cocoa or cacao powder out there? If you have one, please share with us. Click here for original recipe.

All set to go in fridge to firm up

What you need:

1 1/2 cups of coconut butter
1 cup of raw cacao powder, or cocoa powder
1/2 cup raw, local honey
pinch of real salt
*can add a touch of vanilla and/or cinnamon.  I even sometimes toss in sprouted ground flax seed, hemp and chia

What to do:

Combine ingredients in TM bowl and blend
Pour into brownie pan lined with baking paper
Put in fridge 
When hardened, cut into squares

I keep a few pieces in the fridge and freeze the rest. 

Our Two TM Bowls at work
Baby Brother's coconut butter set aside
the rest went into the chocolate fudge squares

No mess, no waste by using up what's leftover in TM bowl in the following recipe.  Let's see if I can explain how I do this coherently. Please note the back-and-forth use of my 2 TM bowls: I have 2 TM bowls as of last year. This way I totally avoid cross-contamination.  In other words, Baby Brother's TM has his own bowl which only processes ingredients that he can eat. 

First I make coconut butter in Baby Brother's TM Bowl

Then I make coconut butter candy using safe ingredients for Baby Brother in his TM Bowl.  

coconut butter, pinch real salt, raw honey, hemp seeds,
sprouted flax powder and vanilla nutritional supplement.
I cut into chunks--my experiments!

Then I make a batch of hemp milk or coconut milk and incorporate what was left behind from steps 1 and 2  into the milk. No waste!

Then I switch to the other TM bowl and make the chocolate coconut squares

After making the chocolate coconut squares I don't wash the bowl.  I simply proceed by making a pumpkin smoothie for myself and take advantage of the goodness left behind :)

Fresh hemp milk combined with what's left behind of the
fudge squares.  This is the base of my pumpkin smoothie
Batch with hemp and chia seeds

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