Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Evening Kitchen Counter

After dinner and before bathing my little guys on Saturday evenings, I take 20 minutes to prepare overnight waffle batter for Sunday breakfast, Farinata batter for Sunday lunch and to soak lentils and brown rice as the first step in weekly Idli batter. It simply takes a little extra planning, commitment and organization to eat well.  It's a routine that I have come to do efficiently and happily.  Eating healthy and from scratch takes a little extra work.  This extra work is worth it.  It's especially worth it since we eat all of our meals at home, and most of what we eat has to be homemade due to food allergies. I'd rather eat as well as we can with all the limitations imposed on us.  Would I be cooking with the same seriousness regardless of food allergies?  I think I would. I had just been reading this post on reframing the concept of "work" in relationship to food. Eating well requires "work", and this work is necessary for healthy eating.  Eating well isn't effortless. I was also reading this post from another favorite blog.  Isn't it true that starting your morning in a conscious and enthusiastic way really sets the tone for the rest of the day?  Leaving different cereals and batters to soak overnight has become a meaningful kitchen ritual.  When I turn off the lights to go to bed, I feel like the extra work is worth the while.  I choose to put in the effort so that I can eat the way I want to and feed my family the best way I know how.  I just wish I could use the ingredients that we are forced to avoid.  That part is the hardest for me.  

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