Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Muesli Bars

These muesli bars are a staple right now in our house.  Both boys love them and they keep asking for me to make them for after-school snack.  Baby Brother calls it "cake" and says: "outside, cake, eat".  The seeds in this recipe balance out the sweetness from the honey and dried fruit. Feel free to change up any of the ingredients. What I include in this recipe is based on safe ingredients for us. Hooray for hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds! What do you think about eating uncooked oats?  I am going to be getting these sprouted rolled oats from a gluten free facility. 

Make sure to check out the allergen-friendly boxed cereals from Freedom, an Australian company. You can find them for $3.99 at Central Market here in Houston or on Vitacost and Amazon.  

What you need:
95g GF rolled oats
110g coconut oil
110g honey
65g sprouted sunflower seeds
65g sprouted pumpkin seeds
80g desiccated, unsweetened coconut
160g dried fruit of choice.  I like these dried apricots mixed with raisins
50g rice crispies
20g sprouted flax powder
20g hemp seeds

What to do:

Line a square glass pyrex with baking paper

Toast rolled oats for about 5 minutes,  Varoma temperature, speed 1, reverse blade

Put toasted oats aside

Add honey and coconut oil to TM bowl.  Heat for 4-5 minutes, 37 degrees, speed 4. The idea here is to make liquid but not heat up the raw honey very much

Add back to TM bowl the toasted oats along with the rest of the ingredients

Mix20 seconds, speed 3

Place mixture in pyrex and let solidify in fridge

For original recipe click here
Big Brother coloring and snacking 

Baby Brother brought along to allergist 
appointment. Happy to have after a long morning

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