Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Food Introduction: Cooked Onions

coconut chicken stew with rice noodles
and sautéed tatsoi

We recently went to the allergist for skin testing.  We tested Baby Brother for avocado, banana, raw ginger, cooked garlic, cooked onion, raw onion, sesame, sunflower seeds and watermelon.  We got the go-ahead for raw and cooked onion, sesame and sunflower seeds.  Avocado and banana remained questionable. I have posted about sunflower seed introduction.  Soon I will post about sesame introduction.  As for onion, we have since introduced cooked scallions in chicken stir-fry and grilled salmon, and cooked onions in stews.  

Big Brother's bowl

Big Brother's t-shirt

And for me, topped with sauerkraut 

Lamb stew on cute, new mushroom plates
with tender broccoli and farinata
to soak up juices

Cowboy stew for Go Texan Day

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