Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Food Introduction: Corn

We have introduced gluten-free cereal grains and pseudocereals to Baby Brother in the following order: rice, quinoa, millet, gf oats, buckwheat and amaranth. When was the time going to feel right for trying corn?  

We recently gave corn a go after wanting to fill the house with Freedom Foods cereals and realizing that they all contained corn. Sometimes, packaged cereal is needed. With this realization we started corn in packaged cereal, moved on to homemade corn tortillas, and then to corn/quinoa herb muffins. It feels good to have another pantry staple to incorporate into our family diet.  

The boys are loving the process of making tortillas, almost like safe edible play dough with a super cool flattening device called the tortilla press.  Big Brother and I used to make these tortillas weekly prior to wheat and dairy allergy. 

These delicious corn muffins work well for breakfast with homemade coconut yogurt or sliced avocado.  I am enjoying them for lunch to go along with simple ground turkey and veg and humble stews. They will be a great addition to my Thanksgiving dinner. 

Are you looking for safe, organic, sprouted corn? Allergen free and free of GMO's? I have found this sprouted, organic corn flour, and will be switching over from Bob's Redmill gluten-free masa harina to this

Baby Brother not so sure he wants to try
first time presented with his corn muffin
corn muffins for breakfast served with
local strawberries, defrosted wild blueberries
and homemade coconut yogurt
local raw honey and coconut oil for spreading

Baby Brother eating tortilla without toppings
for taco night.  Prefers chicken drumstick as is. 

Big Brother eating his taco sandwich
We are having so much fun making tortillas again
It's been a while! So liberating adding corn!
Baby Brother likes his toppings on the side
Aren't the plate's compartments awesome!?

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