Friday, June 28, 2013

Cleaning your Thermomix: avoiding cross-contamination

all clean and ready to puree!
Tomorrow I will prepare butternut squash as my baby's first food.  I want to make sure that no traces of this morning's oatmeal remain.  I know that his rashes could be an indication of true food intolerance or allergy.  So, I best be careful and avoid any cross-contamination with thorough cleaning.

I learned these methods here:

Basic Cleaning Put 50-100g of vinegar and 500g of water into your TM bowl, and cook on 100oC for 10 minutes, speed 4.  

Super Cleaning: Put 500ml of white vinegar and 5 g of dish soap into your thermomix bowl and cook on 100oC for 6 minutes on speed 4.  This will FROTH up amazingly - it's meant to.  LEAVE IT sitting in the froth until it all cools down. Then, add a good dose of baking soda and rub down with a clean sponge.  Now do the same to the blade, scrubbing with your little blade brush, which you will find at:

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