Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fresh Cream Becomes Butter and Buttermilk

So far, the best low-temp pasteurized heavy cream I can find easily here in Houston is from Mill-King Creamery.  We have been enjoying their milk over the past few months: http://www.mill-kingmarket.com/mill-kingmarket.com/Mill-King_Market.html I pick it up at Whole Foods or Revival Market. This is the first time I have attempted separating cream into butter and buttermilk since moving here last year.  In Toronto, I bought fresh cream in glass bottles almost weekly at the local markets with the idea that I could turn one product into several: butter, buttermilk, and whipped.  I paid a Toonie, or 2 dollars, deposit which I got back when I returned the bottle after use.  I regularly stored the buttermilk in the same, original glass bottle as the cream, and the butter in two glass bowls: half for immediate use in the fridge and the other half in the freezer to be pulled as needed.   Since the cost of butter was higher than I was used to, purchasing the cream and making fresh butter was more than worth the effort.  But then again, it's no effort at all with the Thermomix to make your own butter weekly! A week after posting, I came across "Meeting the Moment" in a weekly favorite food mediation:http://www.thekitchn.com/meeting-the-moment-with-apricot-jam-weekend-meditation-190983 and I began to reflect on how my Thermomix also facilitates being able to be "present for the delights that are inherent in this activity, they register more deeply and become a brighter, more significant thread in my emotional makeup."   
See how I use my butter in the rustic tart posted below.  Also:
http://kidfriendlyallergykitchen.blogspot.com/2011/03/buttermilk-scones.html  (along with buttermilk!)

VIDEO RECIPE:http://www.superkitchenmachine.com/2012/17213/how-to-make-butter-thermomix.html                                                                            

Good reading on making your own butter and culturing the cream first:

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