Friday, July 5, 2013

Steamed CSA Veggies

This week I am making Thermomix steamed veggies dressed in a garlic, basil and lemon vinaigrette.  I enjoy them warm or even room-temperature.  A great side to go with some form of protein on the grill.  Or even in a composed salad on a hot day, leaving out the hard-boiled egg from the past and enjoying some tuna or salmon instead.  Tía Pame brought us some ventresca and olive oil from Spain, perfect! For our Fourth of July barbecue, I will combine steamed Yukon Gold Potatoes with chopped scallions, celery and herbs in a mayo-less dressing.  For some mayo-less potato salad ideas:


What you need: 

750 g potatoes (up to 750g) cut into chunks (skin can be left on)
2-3 carrots cut in rounds
2 handfuls of green beans 

*any veggies will work!
500 g water

What to do: 

Weigh 500 g water into TM bowl

Place potatoes into steamer basket and insert basket into TM bowl

Place all hard vegetables in the bottom part of Varoma
(corn,pumpkin, sweet potato, etc)

Place green beans on Varoma tray, add last 7-10 minutes depending on how cooked you want them.(broccoli,peas, beans,asparagus, etc) 

Place Varoma into position.  Steam Varoma Temp/20 min/Speed 2

For original instructions:

** For Mashed Potatoes, once cooked tip potatoes in the TM bowl add Milk, Butter, Salt, Parmesan etc. and follow method from the Every Day Cookbook Page 83.  Do not over process.

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