Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

Our New Year menu highlights how easy it can be to enjoy a dairy-free, nut-free, seed-free, soy-free, egg-free, gluten-free holiday.  Some early afternoon appetizers, followed by a braised meat dish.  This year it was Osso Buco (note: make your own pine nut-free gremolata on top as it may contain pine nuts in a restaurant). We enjoy braised meat and chicken dinners regularly with roasted potatoes, rice or polenta.  These also happen to be great dishes for sharing with others and celebrating special occasions.  They also provide leftovers!  I love to change up the veggies to go with the leftovers according to what we get in our CSA basket or Saturday Farmer's Market run. This week: sautéed garlicky spinach, roasted cauliflower/mash, steamed sweet potato moons, honey rosemary roasted turnips and carrots.  We always pick up purple grapes for the New Year's Eve Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes as the New Year rings in.  This year, just like the past few with children, the grapes are now a morning snack tradition.  Serve grapes for dessert with some champagne; now that's easy and allergy-friendly! Just remember to check for a sulfite allergy with your guests.

challenging to chop herbs, plate without sauce
spreading everywhere and take photos while feeding Baby

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