Sunday, December 28, 2014

Baby Brother Turns 2

waffle Birthday cake with Baby Brother's favorite toppings
Today we celebrated Baby Brother's second Birthday.  Big Brother was overly excited about building the waffle "cake" we had planned together for this morning's celebratory breakfast.  We decided to top the waffle tower with Baby Brother's favorites: wild blueberries, coconut flakes, hemp seeds and maple syrup.  Baby Brother loved his special and yummy family Birthday breakfast.  He shouted "hooray" when we sang to him and kept asking for "more" singing and "more" blueberries. These waffles are the same ones we make every Sunday morning.  Since Baby Brother and I are now avoiding eggs, we keep them out and instead add a giant scoop of apple sauce. After breakfast, we opened up gifts and then took a ride in the cardboard box boat which Big Brother had been working on the past few days in preparation for his little Brother's special day.  

here is the boat being finished up for Baby Brother's Birthday ride

and then later on for dinner, we had one of Baby Brother's favorite meals.  It happens to be Big Brother's most requested meal as well: grass-fed steak, sweat potato fries and broccoli.  We are loving the new placemat that Grams and Pops sent. Check out the squishy persimmon and seasonal citrus.  

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