Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Lunch

I look forward to Saturday mornings. There is no place I'd rather be at 9 am than the farmer's market. When I get home, I feel energized and hungry for a giant salad made up of what I found that very morning.  On the side, we always have rice, lentil and spinach pancakes fried up in coconut oil.  Right now,  I am loving salad greens with seasonal citrus and crunchy radishes and cucumbers. And a handful of sprouted pumpkin seeds and roasted chickpeas take these simple salads to the next level. The highlight of this week's Saturday lunch was Baby Brother crunching on cucumber slices along with the rest of us.   We had a rocky start with introducing cucumber this past summer.  The two times we gave him a piece of cumber, he got several hives on his belly and a red rash around his mouth.  So we stopped giving him cucumber until this past week. 
We were bummed that we couldn't share a family favorite.   Can you believe that he stole one from my plate the other day and that I had to fish it out of his mouth half-chewed? Papi, who named me "allergenista" because of how seasoned I am with allergy safety, was shocked. I had made a huge mistake in leaving my abundance bowl at the edge of the table with allergic Baby Brother so close by. I was terrified one moment and totally relieved 30 minutes later when my little guy showed zero reaction.  So something good came out of this major allergy error.  Thank goodness I didn't make the same mistake with cheese or Big Brother's glass of cow milk! As a result of the non reaction to the stolen cucumber slice, we decided to give him cucumber with dinner the following day.  He has since tolerated cucumber every day this week.  

Baby Brother's lunch without cucumber
Both Brothers eating cucumbers.  Big Brother loves cucumber
towers drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice
A plate of spinach, lentil, rice pancakes in the middle of the table
for us all to grab

Baby Brother's cutting board can now include
cucumber.  No need to slice on a separate
cutting board to avoid cross-contamination

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