Friday, April 17, 2015

New Food Introduction: Strawberries

Perfect steel cut oats topped with
 local strawberries from Gundermann Acres
Love the delay button on our Vitaclay crockpot

Strawberries! This particular fruit topped my worry list.  Those histamine rich foods, such as citrus, tomatoes and strawberries, oh boy!  Would Baby Brother tolerate them, would his gut approve?  When strawberries arrived at the market recently, I just went for it.  Baby Brother loves blueberries, and even cranberries.  He needed a new berry to enjoy.  And the more fresh, local food we can eat in season, the better my spirit.

I just happened to read this about sulfites and histamines in relation to drinking red wine.  Click here if you are interested. 

Back to talking about enjoying strawberries:

berry breakfast bowl: Freedom rice flake cereal, sprouted sunflower seeds,
sprouted pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, dried mulberries,
fresh strawberries, coconut flakes
all drenched in homemade hemp/date milk

 homemade strawberry mint ice cream: coconut milk, strawberries, mint,
maple syrup,  local raw honey pinch of real salt

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