Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chicken Liver Pâté

Chopped liver was part of my childhood.  Always just a little scoop, always on marble rye bread, always with sour pickles, and always from my cherished deli at The Crown kosher market. As a child and even as an adult, I had never been quite sure I actually wanted to like chopped liver. Did I really enjoy eating it? Was it even ok to like it? 

Fast-forward to having children and learning about nourishing your little ones.

I am an interested reader of all things food-related. From all my studying, I have learned that foods, like liver, are included in traditional diets for a reason. Nourishing Traditions is a good book to read to learn the reasons why.

By making it myself, I can choose the best quality ingredients as well. It wouldn't be the same as the chopped liver from my childhood, but I would figure out a way to make my new version with my special allergic twist on bookmarked recipes. I would make my very own pâté with just a few ingredients.

I made my first version a few years ago when Big Brother was a baby. I thought that I should feed him liver. So I set out down the street to The Healthy Butcher (oh I miss my butcher shop terribly!), and made sure to get good quality chicken livers.  Big Brother knew the names of the butchers as we went regularly. I remember bringing the chicken livers home that very cold Canadian day and having to take a deep breath as I reluctantly took them out bag and started to clean them. There is something about the livery smell that can be repulsive. 
Now enter Thermomix. As always, Thermomix to the rescue! I find that my super kitchen helper takes away some of the unpleasant sensations. Since the livers are cooked and blended in one spot,  some of that queasy sensation goes away.  

This pâté uses just a few ingredients: coconut oil, coconut milk, herbs and onion. Perhaps I should think about trying some schmalz next time?  I have to say that I really prefer chopped liver or pâté on crackers or on rye bread, but I have found that rice cakes do the trick and actually serve as an easy way to get the spread inside Baby's mouth. Apple slices and carrot sticks are another good vehicle to serve this spread. 

Read here about the reasons to include liver in your diet. Are you also interested in including nutrient rich foods like liver in your family's diet? 

I start by soak the chicken livers in pure water in a glass bowl with a pinch or two of salt. Then I rinse them and proceed preparing them. 

Ok, ready for the instructions and ingredients? 

What you need and how to prepare:

Add to TM bowl: some scallions or onion, turn up dial to mince.

Then add a good tablespoon of coconut oil.  You can add  a couple strips of turkey bacon if you'd like as well.

Cook 2 minutes, 100 degrees, speed 1.  Scrape and push down to bottom of bowl.

Add in 350 grams of chicken livers

Cook 8 minutes, 100 degrees, reverse/ soft spoon

Add a few splashes of homemade coconut milk,  a handful of cilantro and sprig of rosemary

Process 30 seconds, turning up dial until you reach desired consistency. 

I have made a giant batch using this recipe that I adapted to my Thermomix, it includes gelatin.  Read here and here about reasons why you may want to include good quality gelatin in your diet

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