Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Morning Picklets

cooked these cuties in some lovely ghee and served with Kite Hill almond yogurt and blueberries

happy monday morning breakfast time. cashew butter and bananas for rest of family. 
Buckwheat and oat flour freshly ground in Thermomix and left to soak overnight in coconut milk with coconut yogurt and pink salt.  When ready to make following morning, I add cinnamon, melted coconut oil and a touch of coconut sugar.  I melt some ghee and spoon the batter into my hot cast iron pan.  Joy! These are a breakfast staple.  See them from the past here. Some info on health benefits of ghee here
bottom left mark "g": is ghee
passed skin test to ghee at allergist office.  no calcium, but score on nourishment value
I usually make my own coconut yogurt.  lately we have been mixing it up with some of this almond yogurt

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