Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hot Summer Day Lunch: safely seperating allergens at the table

It's another hot, humid Houston afternoon.  For lunch, I chopped up some cucumbers, celery, carrots, purple grapes and leftover rotisserie chicken.  This plate contains items safe for all of us.  I also have an avocado for slicing.  Allergic Mom has her own plate of fresh lettuce from Animal Farm as a base.  Things that are different: Little Brother has buckwheat crackers while Big Brother has stone wheat crackers, a hard-boiled egg and some favorite Blue Heron goat chevre. Both boys know to keep to themselves at the table.  Big Brother has the allergens on his plate only and Allergic Mom serves everyone from the center plate.  Utensils are never mixed. When we are finished, the boys go wash up and then clean the crumbs from the table, chair and floor.  They have a mini duster and dust pan to help.   After putting away leftovers, Allergic Mom washes off Big Brother's plate and utensils with soap and water.  She never uses the sponge as to avoid allergen cross-contamination.  Then all plates and utensils go in the dishwasher.  This is how we all eat what we can while keeping each other safe.   

lots of favorite choices for lunch.  Gazpacho helps on a hot day.

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