Thursday, January 19, 2017


Rain, rain and more rain!  Flooding rains stir up a lot of emotion, memories and some post flood trauma.  This morning I felt a sense of calm and gratitude as we are dry, cozy and together.  Still, I needed some meditation in motion with Thermomix and yoga.  Just 20 minutes playing with my Thermomix is exactly what I needed.  This is what I turned out: a batch of coconut butter, homemade raw almond butter with the remnants of the coconut butter just made, coconut oil and cinnamon.  Leaving a few scoops of the almond butter, I then made a batch of raw brownies.  And then to not waste anything left behind, I added a few splashes of coconut milk to incorporate the yummy mixture leftover in the bowl.  I savethis flavored milk to add to my afternoon matcha latte. 

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