Saturday, November 16, 2013

Coconut Waffles for Big Brother's 5th Birthday

Big Brother wanted waffles for breakfast to celebrate his 5th Birthday.  We stacked them up festively on a cake stand and put a candle on top.  It was a nice way to start his special day.  Check out the recipe here.  These dairy-free waffles include both wheat and egg.  Big Brother can have all three: dairy, egg and wheat.   At this moment in time, we had just discovered Baby Brother's dairy allergy so the recipes includes wheat.  Just a few days later, we found out about the wheat allergy as well.  For a few weeks, after  passing the egg food challenge in our allergist's office, we had a quality of life improvement with breakfast out in restaurants and french toast at home.  But it is once again tricky again for fear of Baby Brother coming into contact with allergens both outside and inside the home.  How would you handle the situation?  We allow Big Brother to drink cow milk with meals and cheese on his  wheat bread at school.  In order to prevent cross-contamination nightmares, wheat will not be in our home expect for frozen Whole Food's sprouted whole wheat bread for his sandwiches and goat cheese from the farmer's market for spreading.  We will also have cubed cheddar for him so that I don't have to cut it myself and contaminate.  Of course, rules are in place and both serious hand and mouth washing are in place.  But the allergens remain in saliva!  So kisses after milk are prohibited.  Not an easy job as a parent.  What do you think?

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