Monday, November 25, 2013

Lentils Two Ways

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turn out, so topped with leftover basmati rice in a pinch
It is Sunday morning, 11:00, and my Thermomix is cooking up some simple lentils.  I am hungry for lunch already. Even after a bowl of oatmeal and bacon. Baby Brother is napping after being up a lot last night. Big Brother is out with Papi on his new blue bike with pedals and training wheels. So It's the perfect moment to have some alone time in the kitchen with a mug of rooibos while I prepare two make-ahead lunches: a lemon-basil lentil salad and veggie coconut lentils to top soaked brown rice.  The best part is having extra lentils to freeze for later use.  

This coconut lentil and veggie filling is a Jude Blereau recipe.  I recommend her cookbook for good background reading on wholesome food: Wholesome Food For Children. The recipe includes this lentil filling in spelt pocket pies; however, my first attempt at the pocket pie dough, leaving out the sesame of course, was a total disaster.  It was 1:00, I was starving in that-hungry-breastfeeding-way, and the dough wasn't working out.  So, on top of leftover rice it went and all was fine in the end.  It's much easier on top of leftover rice anyway.  No spelt anymore with Baby's wheat allergy.  I'm bitter about this, as I love baking with spelt flour. I left out the corn and added peas instead.  I have always preferred peas over corn.  I also topped with some cilantro since everything is better with cilantro.   I have begun to triple this recipe, because I like to get an extra meal out of it, and to use up whatever greens are in the fridge.  

Click here for both lentil recipes:

Coconut Lentil and Veggie Pocket Pies

Bragg's Liquid Aminoes are wheat- free and last time a checked, safe from sesame cross-contamination.
There are coconut aminoes if looking for soy-free. Or you can use coconut aminos if there is a soy allergy or sensitivity.

Lentil Salad with Basil and Lemon (here you will find the instructions for making batch of  lentils in your Thermomix)

Click here for more on soaking the brown rice

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