Monday, November 18, 2013

A Tasty Pair: Roasted Pears and Turnips

I really enjoy the combination of Pears and Turnips.  Why not roast them together with grated ginger, salt pepper and olive oil. 20 minutes before done, baste with some local raw honey. Simple and Delicious.  Everything fresh and local.  I am anxious on Saturday mornings this time of year to go get a big basket of these pears to use during the weak.  I also like to get lots of sweet potatoes  and then top with garlicky greens; a good way to use those turnip tops! Big Brother gave thumbs up to the roasted pear but declined to try the turnip: "I'm not going to try that". Maybe after the 20th time?  

Some good allergy-friendly sides to serve:  1) these roasted pears and turnips 2) sweet potatoes topped with bacon and garlicky greens 3) blanched and sauteed lemon and garlic green beans.  

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