Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturdays: Planning Week's Menu Around Local Fruits and Veggies

Working Backwards: beef and veggie stirfry, braised pasture-raised chicken {precut in 8 pieces from Whole Foods-I call that "fast food"} and greens with olives, tomatoes and soaked brown rice, chicken curry with carrots and broccoli, lentils two ways: coconut veggie and lemony basil salad, pear compote for steel cut oats, waffles and pancakes, sweet potato topped with bacon and greens and raisins, sweet potato maple frosting for vegan and gluten-free birthday cake, local grass-fed garlicky skirt steak paired with: sauteed green beans, grilled little green pepper boats stuffed with tomatoes/garlic/olives, and roasted turnips drizzled with local raw honey (from CSA basket). Delicious oranges for wedges and orange/basil dressing for quinoa lunch salads.  Maybe some kale chips with roasted chickpeas for snacking.  

On Saturdays after returning from the market, lunch is whatever was for dinner the night before.  This way, I am freed up to I wash and store veggies so that meals are less of a hassle during the week. Big Brother can play with Dad and Baby Brother, while I can relax in the kitchen and listen to podcasts. Then, this time of year, it's cool enough to enjoy a mid-afternoon neighborhood family walk.  

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