Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lemon and Garlic Cutlets or Pollo A La Plancha Con Ajo y Limón

cutlets with greek salad
I like to make 3-4 of these cutlets on Sunday nights to use in several meals during the week.  I find that it is a good idea to keep a few chicken cutlets in the freezer and then pull them as needed.  The best thing about these cutlets is that my toddler has started to eat them again thinly sliced on a regular basis; he went through a stretch of time rejecting them any any shape or form.

I like to switch up these cutlets with the breaded ones (see earlier post).  Both recipes go well with a myriad of side-dishes.  Some favorites are quinoa salad, oven-baked sweet potato fries, greek salad (seen here in picture), and apricot, all-spice rice (coming up in post soon).  

These lemon and garlic chicken cutlets go great with just about everything. 

What you need:
chicken or turkey cutlets, have your butcher pound them out as thin as you like them
lemons for juice
side of oven-roasted
sweet potatoes 
thinly sliced garlic
salt/pepper/paprika all optional

What to do:
Wash and dry cutlets.  Season with salt, pepper and seasonings if using.

Add oil to pan,  I use electic skillet.

When oil is hot, about medium heat, add cutlets.  Move cutlets around to prevent sticking.

As they brown up,  squeeze lemon juice and throw in garlic.

Keep adding lemon juice to add flavor and to prevent chicken from sticking.

You can finish cooking directly in skillet or pan.  You can also move to a 350 degree oven.

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