Monday, January 31, 2011

Nature's Path's Detailed Response to Allergen Question

I was delighted with Nature's Path's response to my allergen questions.  I specifically asked about egg and sesame in their bagged cereals.  The cereals are free of egg and sesame!  The response is quite lengthy, but I decided to include the whole text.  I have reduced the size of the font!  Email Customer Service your specific allergen concerns and check back periodically with them at over time because recipes can change.

"Thank you for your query regarding the use of nuts in Nature’s Path products. We endeavor to always provide a good quality product.  Nature’s Path is committed to producing quality organic foods, using the best ingredients available, while adhering to strict quality control procedures.  

Nature's Path products do not contain sesame seeds and are not at risk of cross contamination with sesame. 

North American Government Regulators have advised us that because we utilize peanuts, nuts, soy or dairy in some of our facilities we are strongly recommended to print a disclaimer underneath the ingredients listing.  
In the United States, the warning statement ‘Produced in a facility that uses …(peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or soy)"  and in Canada, the warning statement ‘May contain …(peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or soy)’ is printed on Nature’s Path products made in those factories. 
Government regulator opinion is that if there is a remote chance of cross contamination that the consumer should be advised of this possibility. 
These allergens are not indicated in the warning statement if they are already listed as an ingredient of the product. 

At Nature's Path we have an extensive planning and cleaning schedule which includes protein testing, for all our production facilities in order to prevent any cross contamination of our products with non-declared ingredients. All of our products that do not contain peanuts, nuts or soy  or dairy – as listed on the ingredient label are theoretically dairy, soy, peanuts & nut-free. However because of the remote chance of contamination from machinery or peanuts, nuts & soy or dairy in the plant we can not imply that there is no possibility of minute amounts of these allergens in our products. 

After handling peanut butter or any product with nuts or other allergens, we do a full allergen clean-up on the production lines. We use various cleaning methods such as rinsing, hot scrubber machines, vacuums and organic compliant cleaning solution followed by protein tests on the equipment. Cleaning is supervised and checked off by Q.A. 

No matter how small the chance, we feel it is our obligation to inform customers of this possibility. Our main concern is the health risk to any of our customers who may have a life-threatening allergy. We feel that consumers must make the final choice in consultation with their healthcare provider about eating Nature’s Path products. 

Please also visit⊂_section_id=6 
for allergy information.

The following products do not share equipment with peanuts or tree nuts; 

Nature’s Path Toaster Pastries- Frosted Toaster Pastries contain dairy. Unfrosted Toaster Pastries share equipment with dairy. No egg in facility. 

Nature’s Path Frozen Waffles – all flavors- Share equipment with dairy, egg. 

Nature’s Path does manufacture some of its products in a dedicated nut free facility.
Here is the list of Nature’s Path products made in a peanut & tree nut free factory 

Nature’s Path Puffed Bagged cereals – Puffed Rice, Puffed Corn, Puffed Millet, Puffed Kamut- Share equipment with wheat. No egg or dairy in facility. 

Envirokidz Animal Cookies –vanilla – Contain soy. Casein/ dairy free.  Share equipment with egg–Made is a separate facility to any other products listed herein- extremely minimal risk of egg cross contamination due to stringent cleaning procedures applied to equipment. 

Nature’s Path Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pancake Mix 

Please also check our website for more info on all of these including ingredient lists and store locations. 

NB: people with life threatening peanut & nut allergies, it is still advisable to check back periodically with food companies over time because recipes can change. 

Your email tells us that you are passionate about your health and wellness. If you would like to get more involved and share your opinion with us, please accept our invitation to join our research panel, The Cereal Bowl, at "

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