Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rice Cakes and Possible Sesame Cross-Contamination

I like to travel with a bag of rice cakes.  I have checked with two brands, Koyo and Lundberg, about sesame cross-contamination.  

Koyo's response:  The rice cakes have no traces of egg.  They do have sesame-flavored rice cakes.  They clean the machine each time they change ingredients; however, since the plain rice cakes share the same machine with the sesame-flavored rice cakes, there are possibilities of cross-contamination.

Lundberg's response: They do not have eggs in any of their facilities.  They do have sesame in their rice chips and rice cakes.  They included an allergy sheet with detailed allergen information.  They consider sesame, sulfites, and soon mustard, to be priority allergens in accordance with Canadian law (So fantastic!).

I am curious to hear from other sesame-allergic families their thoughts on the matter.


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  1. Hi! I just found you, an am glad I did. My kid has the same allergies (nuts, egss, sesame). I found you because I'm trying to help his preschool track down an allergy-friendly/safe rice cake. I have been wondering whether I've been a little risky feeding my kid Lundberg rice cakes because I noted the do use sesame in some cakes. But, I haven't had a problem yet. It's wonderful that Canada has bumped up sesame on the priority list. I'd be excited if the US (where I live) would do the same. Thanks for all the resources here. I'm looking forward to learning from your experience.

    What's your take on Lundberg rice cakes? Do you serve them?