Sunday, January 9, 2011

Political action: sesame as priority label in the United States

The U.S. labeling laws presently do not include seeds as a priority allergen.  Canada and Europe do consider sesame as a top allergen and are labeling for sesame on food labels.  How can we increase awareness and demand political action?  Here is a simple way to voice concern:

1) Go to the following website:
2) Click on "Advocacy"
3) Click on "Write Congress" in drop-down menu
4) Write simple letter,  you could include what is written below:
Please support the inclusion of sesame as a priority allergen for food labeling in the United States. Seed allergies are on the rise.  Public awareness needs to increase in order to keep allergic individual safe.  
5) Fill in basic personal information and you will automatically receive confirmation of receipt and see the names of your U. S representatives and Senators who received it.  

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