Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wholesome Sweeteners: full of flavor and free of worry

I am pleased to share with you that my favorite brand of sweeteners, Wholesome Sweeteners, is free of a long list of allergens.  I am a loyal Wholesome Sweeteners customer.  Our pantry is stocked with a variety of their sugars.  We use their agave in our coffee, as do a lot of our friends.  We always have their organic unsulphured molasses since my son enjoys it on toast with organic, spreadable cottage cheese.   It is also wonderful in many baked goods, I use it in my gingersnaps.  

Please go to their website to view a list of products and to learn more about their mission of environmental and social responsibility:  
I contacted the company via email to find out if their products are safe for my family. They responded with an allergen statement and gave me permission to share it on this blog.   Please contact them if you would like a direct response.  Their products are free of the allergens listed below: 
Artificial Colors/Azo Dyes Barley/Barley Products Buckwheat/Buckwheat Products Carmine Red Color – Cochineal Celery
Cottonseed flour Crustaceans Dairy/Dairy derivatives Egg/Egg Products Fish/Fish Products Mollusks
MSG – Monosodium Glutamate Mustard seed Oat/Oat Products Peanut/Peanut Derivatives Rye/Rye Products
Seeds/Seed Derivatives Shellfish Sorghum Soybeans/Soybean Derivatives Sudan Dyes I – IV
Sulfites Tree Nuts/Tree Nut Derivatives Wheat/Wheat products 
􏰀 Organic Powdered Sugar may contain Organic Corn Starch as an anti-caking agent. Our granulated cane sugars and agave products are free of corn and corn products.
􏰀 Organic Light Corn Syrup may contain traces of wheat.

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