Monday, January 10, 2011

Listing ingredients and labeling your dishes, we appreciate it!

When people come over to my house these days, they will notice how I write down what each item of food is or what ingredients it contains.  With a tree-nut allergy, I need to know specific details before touching crackers, bread, dips, desserts, etc. The few times I have let my guard down, I have became quite ill.   The same caution applies to my son with his allergies, I need to know what the ingredients are and if there is an allergen warning before letting him take a bite.   I am always happy to see that the box is still around, if the item is packaged-I have a friend who just did this for me; thank you, my friend. I also think that it is nice for everyone else besides us cautious allergic folk to have an idea about what they are eating, it also lends to conversation if you display it in an interesting fashion.

I learned the importance of labeling and listing ingredients a few years back from a non-allergic colleague, and I thank her for this lesson.  This simple act came naturally to her and was an expression of empathy and friendship.  I remember all the ingredients of each crepe topping neatly displayed on note cards and how happy I was eating.  I felt liberated!  I also remember notecards accompanying her homemade marvelous desserts at other office parties.

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