Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Typical Party Spread, Easy to Assemble and Crowd Pleasing

The pictures below display a typical assortment of snacks I put out for small parties for friends and families. The snacks are free of seeds, peanuts, tree nuts, sulfites and egg.  I pick up much of the selection from St. Lawrence Market in Toronto where I enjoy speaking with the people I buy my food from.  Chris' Cheesmongers, for example, ensure me that the cheese is cut in an area without seed, nut and egg contamination.  It is important that each grouping go on separate plates and have matching ingredient labels. That way, I feel comfortable that guests know what they are eating.  Note that everything is simple, both dishes and presentation.  For the children, I like to cut out ShaSha sourdough spelt bread with round, fluted biscuit cutters so that they resemble cookies and then serve with avocado puree.   For the children, I feel that it is important to think about nutrition and not overload them with sugar and processed foods; a big plate of fruit and vegetable sticks are essential. Towering rice cakes are always good since they can occupy a toddler for some time, and they are allergy friendly (bread and crackers are challenging when you have allergies).  A bowl of organic, sulfite-free apricots or raisins are another good addition.  Presently, I am looking for a brand of pretzels produced in a sesame-free facility.  Once I find them, they too will be included in the spread.  Baked kale chips are also great for home entertaining, as well as roasted garbanzo beans in the absence of legume allergies. Round all this out with a heaping plate of anzac biscuits, another allergy-friendly dessert or two and beverages.

*Baguettes are from StoneMill Bakehouse in Toronto.  I am still not comfortable giving slices to my toddler.  An employee, with food allergies, at the St. Lawrence bakery has informed me that the baguettes are not run on lines with egg and sesame.  I have emailed the company for confirmation.

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