Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whole Foods Response to 365 Ginger Snaps Allergen Label Change

In a previous post, I share the abrupt change allergen label change on the Whole Foods 365 Ginger Snaps.  
This is the written response from the Global Customer Information Specialist.  I am trying my best to make sense of it.

"I have been in touch with our Private Label team regarding the labels for the 365 Ginger Snaps.  The US and Canada labels for the 365 Ginger Snaps have differing allergen statements due to the different regulations around allergen labeling in both regions. Our US label does NOT have a "may contain" statement but our Canadian label does have a "may contain" statement. Our Canada buyer confirmed the Canada label has had a "may contain" statement for about one year now.The product itself is the same; only the labels are different.
There is a Q&A on the CFIA web site that specifies the allergen labeling in Canada 14 is as follows: Q14. Is there any prescribed wording for precautionary statements? A14. In order to provide consumers with consistent messaging, the CFIA and Health Canada (HC) are asking the industry to limit allergen precautionary statements to the wording "may contain X" or "not suitable for consumption by persons allergic to "X", where "X" is the name of the priority food allergen.  I hope this information helps.
If you have any further questions please use our on-line response form."

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